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Marker making and pattern grading

Specialist in pattern printing

PROCESS MARKER is a company specialized in pattern printing.

Located in Montreal, we can deliver your orders up to Terrebonne.

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Seam pattern printing services

Whether you are a clothing designer or a professional dressmaker, we print your seam patterns depending on your needs.

Simply send your orders by mail and we will take care of the rest! We make sure to respect the desired formats in order to provide patterns that fit your needs. We can also take care of the conversion of other formats where needed.

We are able to ensure deliveries throughout the entire Grand Montreal region.

We promise to send your patterns on time.

High performance machines

Once the patterns double checked and fitted to the right size, we shift to the printing. Thanks to our high-tech equipment, we can guarantee results, which adapt to your needs.

On the lookout for the latest technologies, we can design the patterns in various sizes. Our design department consists of 5 working stations, allowing our team to efficiently manage all work, you will entrust to us.

We also take charge of your clothing grading.

We thoroughly check the patterns before printing them out.

Our various equipment :

  • Accumark Gerber and PAD System software
  • Printer Accuplot 300 (Printing up to 78" wide)
  • Scanner Graphtec 42" wide

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional details about our services.